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In order to achieve the Global Fundraising Groups goal of "one million new regularly giving donors per year" we continually support and promote the foundation of new companies.
We are constantly searching for suitable internal and external candidates with many years of field and management experience whom we can grant the opportunity to become entrepreneurs in their “special field.” These candidates can then grow into Managing Shareholders in their own fundraising agency as part of the Global Fundraising Group.

These entrepreneurs are supported with "know how", capital and other start up assistance which enables them to lead a stable and economically healthy company in the shortest period of time possible.

Young entrepreneurs often do not fully understand the requirements of a newly founded company. They set wrong priorities or spend all their energy in the initial set up phase. In order to set up and lead a company new entrepreneurs need to be able to analyze and understand their own character and motivation. The Global Fundraising Group gives entrepreneurs clarity in finding their own company's vision, its product, target groups, funding and the company's leaders own personality.

The Global Fundraising Group supports start-up companies in:

  • Field Operation set up and management
  • Funding
  • Mastering problems
  • Personalized coaching and mentoring